Doctoral program

Project training

  • Big Data Challenge (2 credits, Compulsory)
    This course is designed to provide opportunities to use learned skills to deal with and analyze big data and lead a group to solve practical problems.

Overseas Training

  • Data Science Special Training (3 credits, Compulsory)
    Doctoral students must stay at an educational institution abroad for at least 6 months and conduct a collaborative research.

Financial support

Advanced Seminars

  • Advanced Seminar I (1 credit, Compulsory)
  • Advanced Seminar II (1 credit, Compulsory)
    Details will be announced by the GPDS office.

Doctor’s thesis and the seminar

  • Doctor’s thesis and the seminar (8-16 credits, Compulsory)
    Please contact the office of your department about the content of the seminar.

Note: Six credits of Data Sciences I, II, III are compulsory also for the students who participate in the GP-DS program after entering Doctor's course.