Interdisciplinary Integrated Data Science Education Program

In today's rapidly innovating society, the ability to solve problems using a collection of data is gradually required in all phases. The Tohoku University Data Science International Joint Graduate School (GP-DS) was created with the aim of developing human resources with such information utilization capabilities. In the field of data science, in addition to technical bases such as mathematics and computational science, it is also essential to have complex skills such as capturing the essence of various problems, collecting information, and extracting necessary information. By involving multiple world-class research field in the education process, GP-DS is a program in which several graduate schools and research institutes in Tohoku University work together across disciplines in order to train data science personnel having comprehensive capabilities.

Education in Developing International Character and Leadership

GP-DS aims to nurture internationally-minded students complemented with leadership skill. Many lectures and practical training are conducted in English. There will also be an opportunity to conduct joint research at partner universities abroad for more than a semester. In addition, the curriculum incorporates much project-based learning in teams with other students. We expect that this will increase both students' teamwork and problem-solving ability.


Curriculum Overview

In general, the GP-DS curriculum begins in the second year of the master's course. In the first semester, students will learn the basic knowledge and techniques necessary to handle large amounts of data. The following doctoral program will be reserved as a period for them to perform more practical problem-solving learning and joint research at overseas partner universities. Under the supervision of both Tohoku University and overseas partner universities, students are expected to be able to conclude their research

GP-DS also accepts students from partner universities. By still belonging to their home university, we give them a chance to collaborate with students in Tohoku University in a form of both online and offline classes.