Advancing and Generalizing Data Science

President-appointed Extraordinary Professor / Vice Director (AI and Data Science)

Director, Graduate Program in Data Science

Mitsuyuki Nakao

Information technology has been rapidly developing and drastically changing the world. Genomics and genetic engineering are changing our life expectancy by driving forward research in Medicine and Bioscience. Social networking that has been developed based on mobile and cloud technologies is now a rich source of data that reflect humans’ knowledge and will. Sensor data have been collected around the world. Data science is a foundation to use these kinds of enormous and diverse data, and it will let us open a new era in our history, together with a recent progress in artificial intelligence.
It is an urgent need for Tohoku University (also for educational institutions in Japan and around the world) to train experts in data science. Such experts should have global and interdisciplinary view and be able to work collaboratively with people around the world and across industry and academia.
Graduate Program in Data Science (GP-DS) aims to train such experts who will lead industry and academia in Japan, placing emphasis on interdisciplinary and international collaboration. Our training includes collaboration across different departments in Tohoku University, studying abroad, and practical training for data science research.

Our program provides students with financial support and opportunities to use an international and interdisciplinary network. We believe this is an excellent program for students.
We hope students in this program proactively challenge problems that go beyond their comfort zone. Please use this program to develop your research and career.